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AAA-Publications On Line

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Revised June 8, 2017

Publications On Line

John Long's Journal (1892 thru 1917)

Accounts of the Early Days by Goodhand Pattison
Account of Princess Victoria by John Pattison

Testimony of a Witness for the Defence by Alfred Magowan
Outline of the History of a Peculiar People by Alfred Magowan

Book: The Church Without a Name by Kathleen Lewis
Book: The Church With No Name by Lynn Cooper
Book: Secret Mormonism and Christian Science By Amelia A. Atmore
Book: In Vain Do We Worship by Willis G. D. Young

Living Witness Doctrine - Chapter: "Biogenesis"
from the Book: Natural Law in the Spiritual World By Henry Drummond

They Go About 2x2 by Wm Paul
The Cooneyites or Go Preachers and Their Doctrines by Wm Rule

The Cooneyites or "Dippers" by Rev. Canon Armstrong, B.A. (T.C.D.), Rector of Templederry, Diocese of Killaloe NEW

The Tramp orĀ Go-Preachers (sometimes called Pilgrims) by W.C. Trimble
A Cunning Cult by Anonymous

Christians In Hiding - The "No Name" Sect: By Benton Johnson
The Invisible Church (Thesis) by Keith Crow

The Go-Preachers or Cooneyites by John McDonald

Nothing to Make a Shadow by Faye Cashatt Lewis M.D.