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Earlana (Lanny) Townsend - From Cooneyite to Christian

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From Cooneyite to Christian

By Earlana (Lanny) Townsend

Click Here to read offsite:  From Cooneyite to Christian

First 2 paragraphs:

I was raised in a house church that is a mystery to many, as it does not call itself by a name. During times of war, it has registered with the government under various names, so that its preachers can be exempted from conscription, but they never called themselves by those names to anyone except government authorities. Most people in North America, who know of their existence, refer to them as "Two by Twos," and some have called them "Go–Preachers", in reference to their interpretation of Matthew 10: 7 and 9 – 11, where the Anointed Lord Yehoshua sent His disciples out by pairs to preach to the Israelites. Unfortunately, they skip over verse 8.

This sect, or cult, was started in Ireland in 1897 by a Scotsman named William Irvine. He was a former mine boss who joined the Brethren church and went to Ireland as a preacher. There was a great deal of discontent at that time with the established churches. As a travelling minister, Irvine heard a lot of grumbling among the church folk when he visited with them. He shared his ideas about how ministry ought to be conducted, which were in tune with their ideals.

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