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Vietnam Division Details

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Click Here to read: Account of the Vietnam Division

The Canadian Workers took over Vietnam in the late 1990s and now control it.  The Account contains the 2x2 history of Vietnam from the time the workers first went there in 1957.

The foreign workers had to leave Vietnam in April, 1975 on Liberation Day.  Two native brother workers continued leading the Friends in the interim, gaining converts through the years.  Then the country opened its doors to foreigners, and then Canadian workers entered and took over, demoted the native workers and put some of them out of the work, made many changes and rules, causing distress to the Friends.

They did not consult the native workers and did not taking into consideration the laws and culture of the Vietnamese people. After trying to reason and discuss various issues with the Overseers for more than 3 years, many Friends decided the workers are not being led by the Spirit of God.  About half the Vietnam Friends started meeting in their homes as they did in the beginning and do not welcome the Canadian worker staff into their homes, including one native worker who continues independently with his ministry as before.  They call themselves the Golden Friends.  They are going back to the way things were in the Golden Time before the Canadian workers took over. The story is told by the first couple to profess in VN, his daughter, her husband and the first native worker to go in the work.

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