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B1. Notification Letter Model

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Revised Aug. 20, 2008

Child Sexual Molestation...

B.1. Notification Letter Models

Notification Letter Models

A minimum letter of notification should be sent to all the friends and workers in the state, and if he/she recently came on the staff for that state, then notification should be sent also to the previous state. The letter will name the person being charged and state the nature of the complaint/charge. The letter will encourage friends and workers to attempt to locate other possible victims and report them to the legal authorities. Instructions should be given to the F&W as to how to relate to the one under investigation. Here are some examples.

FOR: WHEN there is a preliminary on-going investigation

(No charges have been filed; no convictions; and no guilty plea)


It has been alleged that there may have been some inappropriate sexual actions by _______ in regards to male/female children. If you are contacted by the authorities, please assist them in their investigation. If you feel that your own child or if you know of a child who may have been a victim of any abuse, please contact the authorities at:_____. We recommend the Victim/s get immediate counseling. Many times the law will arrange for counseling when the offense is reported.

While the investigation is on going, ___will be relieved of his/her duties as a worker/elder. This suspension is a temporary safety measure, pending the outcome of his/her trial. If the court rules in his/her favor, he/she will be honorably restored in our fellowship to his/her former position. During the investigation, he/she may continue to attend meetings, but should abide by the Restrictions for Offenders.

We encourage you to show compassion to ___and to include both ___ and the alleged Victim/s in your prayers; and pray that the truth will be revealed and healing will occur. You should treat both the Victim/s and the accused as your brother and sister in Christ.

Closing & Signature

P.S. We have enclosed the following information:

About Pedophiles
Effects of Child Sexual Molestation
How to Talk to Your Children
Restrictions for Offenders

FOR: WHEN charges are filed, and arrest has been made
Pre-trial – (and no guilty plea)


Dear Friends & Workers:

We are writing to inform you of a recent development concerning a worker on the ______ staff. This letter is being sent to every home on the list of ____ (state) friends and workers, as well as those in the previous state where he/she was a worker. We want to give you the facts as we know them and end speculation.

We regret to inform you that on __________ (date) , ________ (name) was charged with ______________ (give exact charge as stated by legal authorities), regarded as Criminal Sexual Conduct in the _____Degree with a child under the age of ____. Criminal Sexual Assault against a child is categorized as First, Second, Third, Fourth or Fifth Degree, with First Degree being the most serious. The Criminal Complaint states ____ (give statement shown on complaint as to what he/she did wrong; i.e. engaged in multiple/single act/s of sexual contact with a male/female child who was under ____ years of age; or did unlawfully and knowingly subject a person under the age of ___ to sexual contact, etc.)

___ is currently confined in the ________ (Jail/Watch-house) in the custody of ____________ in _____ County. There will be legal proceedings which will determine innocence or guilt in this case. Please understand that this letter does not mean ___________ is guilty. Guilt or innocence is up to the court or Judge to determine. When the court has ruled on his/her innocence or guilt, a letter will be sent out notifying all the recipients of this letter. Until the court rules, he/she will continue to be relieved of his/her duties as a worker/elder. This suspension is a temporary safety measure, pending the outcome of his trial. If the court rules in his/her favor, he/she may be honorably reinstated in our fellowship.

However, because of the dangerous nature of these charges, we feel that it is our responsibility at this time to alert you to this situation. While many of you do not have children in your care, you may be grandparents or relatives who are concerned for the safety of children who visit your homes. We encourage all parents and child caregivers to immediately hold a conversation with any child in your care who may have been alone with ____ at any time, to determine if inappropriate sexual behavior took place. We also urge you to forward a copy of this letter to the parents or caregivers of any child who may have spent time alone with ____.

Molestation can have serious emotional, psychological and spiritual effects on a child, and this issue should be taken very seriously. ____ spent time in the homes of families and was liked and trusted by parents and children. The alleged crime/s for which ____ was arrested could have seemed like innocent play to a child. If your child was allegedly molested, he or she may be confused about what happened. It is common in these situations for the child to feel that anything inappropriate that happened was somehow the child’s own fault. A pedophile will frequently tell the child that what he/she does with them is a secret and they should not tell anyone about it. Enclosed is a brochure with tips on How to Talk to Your Children.

If you are aware of, or learn about any alleged inappropriate sexual behavior involving a child and ____, you should immediately call the law enforcement authorities at ________________ (give full contact info, etc). They will usually arrange for the child to receive counseling as soon as possible, which is very important. See enclosed: Effects of Child Sexual Molestation

In regards to ____:

If he/she is found innocent, he/she may be fully and honorably restored to his/her former position in the fellowship. The Friends and Workers will treat him like the Father did the Prodigal Son - bring out the fatted calf and hold a welcome-back rejoicing party.

If he/she is released on bail until his/her trial, he/she will no longer be in the work here in ____ or elsewhere. He/she will be allowed to attend meetings until the legal process is over and must follow the Restrictions for Offenders, copy enclosed.

If he/she is found guilty, the repercussion of his/her actions will be discussed in a further letter.

A letter of notification will be sent to all recipients of this letter informing you of the court’s ruling when it has been made.

Closings and Signature

[If the first notification letter wasn’t sent out, include these items with this letter]

P.S. We have enclosed the following information:

About Pedophiles
Effects of Child Sexual Molestation
How to Talk to Your Children
Restrictions for Offenders

FOR: WHEN Offender is convicted or pleads guilty
Notification of Court’s Ruling


We very much regret to inform you that on _____ (date) , the court found/or accused pled ____ guilty of ____ and his/her punishment is___________ ( i.e. ____ years in prison; $___ fine). He/she is/will be located at _____ (name and address of prison) .

***Give advice or instructions on how Friends and Workers may relate to the Offender.

_______ will never be allowed to be worker or elder again in any state. Fellowship with ___ when he/she is released will depend on whether or not ________ has met the Conditions for Fellowship Regarding Repentance. If _______ is repentant, confesses his/her sin publicly, offers a meaningful apology to his/her victim/s, commits to restitution, then he/she will not be excluded from the fellowship. However, certain Restrictions will apply.

Closing and Signature


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