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B. Responsibility as a Worker

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Revised Aug. 20, 2008

Child Sexual Molestation...

B. Responsibility as a Worker

1. If the CSA (Child Sexual Abuse) has not been reported to law enforcement, help the responsible caregiver or victim to report it or you report it immediately.

2. If the alleged perpetrator is a Worker (Minister) or Elder, they are to be immediately suspended from their duties in the church, pending outcome of investigation/trial.

3. Provide Law Enforcement with the pertinent information necessary for a thorough investigation. If the alleged perpetrator is a Worker (Minister), provide a list of all the Worker’s current and previous fields of service; and all former mailing addresses.

4. There is to be a diligent and compassionate search to locate any other possible victim(s). If the workers know of or discover any other victims of the alleged Perpetrator in question, they will disclose it to law enforcement or they could be in violation of law. Notify all the Workers Staff, Elders and Friends in all of the alleged perpetrator's field(s) about the pending investigation/trial, and suspension of duties.

5. IF the alleged perpetrator is proven innocent of CSA, then he/she is to be fully restored to his former position with honor. IF the alleged perpetrator is proven guilty of CSA by investigation, trial or confession, and if he was a Worker (Minister) or Elder, then he/she abdicates his/her place in the Ministry or Eldership forever. Notification of outcome of case will be made to all persons notified in #4 above, as well as to Worker Overseers and their staff worldwide. This is to ensure that the Perpetrator will never be placed in a position of authority/trust in any other area, and as a warning to others.

6. IF a Worker or Elder is proven guilty of CSA, the Workers will initiate a written Apology to the victim(s) and their families on behalf of the Workers.

7. It is an important duty of all Workers (Ministers) to educate the Friends, Workers and Elders about CSA, as part of their responsibility as a minister.

8. Workers and Elders should work to develop policies and procedures to reduce future CSAs.

9. Workers (Ministers) should encourage outside professional counseling for those in the Church who need it for emotional issues, and workers should not attempt to counsel individuals themselves.

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