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E. Guide for Representative of Offender

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Revised Aug. 20, 2008

Child Sexual Molestation...

E. Workers' Guide (For the Offender's Representative

In the terror of this sin, our cry is to God, and our prayer is for healing and restoration.

SITUATION: Statute of Limitations has expired. Trial by law is not an option.

Goals of this recommended procedure:

  • To increase understanding of the crime of Child Sexual Abuse
  • To enable healing for everyone involved
  • To restore broken relationships and remove barriers between individuals.
  • To make things right with victim; make things right with the family.
  • To clean up the church so that it is right before God.

Qualifications for an Representative:

A worker will be selected as a Representative for the Offender. This person will serve as an ambassador for the Workers/Ministry. He should be someone with good People Skills who is compassionate and places a high value on justice, truth and knowledge.

Duties of the Offender:

A. The Offender will make a complete written confession, following the Confession Model.

B. The Offender will write a 5-point apology, following the Apology Model.

C. The offender will give the Representative names of other children he has molested and will write them apologies and confessions also.

D. The Offender will make a public confession and apology as described in “Responsibility of the Church” article.

E. Offender will keep the Workers Contact person notified of any address change(s) so that notification can be made to the friends; and so that the church Registry of Sex Offenders maintained by the Ministry can be updated.

F. Offender will make Restitution to the Victim and/or their family.

F.  Offender will abide by the Restrictions for Offender. 

Duties of the Representative regarding the Offender include:

A. The Victim’s Account of Abuse will be “served” to the Offender by a minimum of two workers, one of which should be the Representative; and the other, the state or regional Overseer.

B. The Victim’s story should be read out loud.

C. The two workers will discuss with the Offender the ramifications of his/her sinful actions; and make recommendations to Offender. Offender will be advised that he/she is being permanently removed from his/her role of a worker.

D. The Representative will guide the Offender through the process of writing (1) a Confession and (2) an Apology. The Offender will be given the Model guidelines for a Confession and an Apology, which provide the minimum framework for their completion.

E. The Representative will officiate and make arrangements for the Offender to make a public confession and apology as described in “Responsibility of the Church” article.

: No coercion or force should be used if the Offender refuses to make a written Apology or refuses to respond to any Aspect of the Apology Model. It is the Offender’s choice as to whether or not he will make a written Apology, and it should be given voluntarily or not at all. However, if the Offender wants to continue to participate in the truth fellowship, he must write Apologies to all of his/her Victims.

Duties of the Representative regarding the Victim include:

A. Arrange a personal face to face meeting with the Victim and/or their representative(s), the Victim’s family and any other individuals the Victim requests be present, as well as Witnesses. If Victim chooses not to be present, it is suggested that the Victim provide a notarized letter of authorization or an audio recording stating the name(s) of their designated representative(s).

B. The meeting should begin (and conclude) by the Representative with prayer and others may pray also.

C. Representative begins with an explanation of the purpose of the meeting. The workers/ministry have thoroughly investigated the allegations of _____ (the Victim), and believe without doubt that _____’s story (the Victim) is true. They have gathered everyone together to address the truth of the matter. _____ was and still is a Victim. _____ told the truth. We will now read ____ story, and this will be followed by confession and apologies. Give Biblical principles for how to resolve offenses.

D. The Victim’s story will be read out loud to those present.

E. The Representative will educate the Victim’s family regarding typical effects of child molestation crime. (Copies of educational material to be provided at end of meeting)

F. The Representative will personally read out loud the Offender’s written Confession.

G. The Representative will then read out loud the Offender’s Apology. IF the Offender is unable or unwilling to provide a full and complete Confession and Apology, the Representative will fill in the deficient areas of the Apology on behalf of the church/ministry.

H. The Representative will apologize on behalf of the church and ministry for the offense.

I. The Representative will announce that the Offender has been permanently removed from his/her role as a worker; and church makes an offer of financial restitution.

J. The Representative will strongly encourage the Victim’s family to believe and accept the Victim’s story; and the Representative will do all he/she possibly can to facilitate reconciliation and restoration between the Victim and others.

Open Discussion--

K. The Representative will notify the keeper of the church Registry of Sex Offenders maintained by the Ministry as to the Offender’s residence location and nature of his/her offense.

L. The Representative will make arrangements for a Notification Letter to the Friends in the area where the Victim takes up permanent residence.

M. The Representative should conclude the meeting with prayer.

(Copies of Victim’s story, Confession, Apology and educational CSA material to be distributed at end of meeting to those present.)

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