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I. Restrictions for the Offender

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Revised Aug. 20, 2008

Child Sexual Molestation...

I.  Restrictions for the Offender

Restrictions should be consistently applied to similar situations

1. If the Offender is a worker, remove the Offender from the work; remove the meeting from an elder’s home, and/or remove the elder from his position. This prevents the Offender from having easy access to minors and removes the automatic and elevated level of trust accorded to workers and elders because of their position in the church.

2. Inform the Friends in the area where the Offender takes up residence where minors could be at risk. Be prepared to give evidence of past abuse.

3. Assign Offender to a meeting without minor children.

4. Expect Offender to apologize to all past Victims.

5. Expect Offender to find employment that does not involve minor children. Child molesters are rarely cured but can be contained.

6. The church should apologize to Victims for not acting sooner and more decisively. The church (ministry) should be prepared to offer assistance to Victims and Offenders in whatever way they can, including providing financial aid for their therapy.

7. The Offender will not attend any annual church conventions because of the proximity to children.

Rules of Conduct:

RE: Victim:

1. You are not to have any direct or indirect contact with the Victim or his/her family members, even if they attempt to contact you.

2. You are not to go near the Victim’s residence, school, church, person, etc. or have any contact in any way.

RE: Minors in general

Select a Designated Responsible Adult to attend functions with you where minor females/males will be present.

You are not to have any close contact with minor females/males.

You are not to enter a residence where a minor female/male is present.

RE: Participation in church: (left up to the workers)

RE Conventions: You will not attend any annual conventions.

RE Emblems:

RE Special Meetings:

RE Weekly fellowship meetings:

RE Social gatherings of friends and workers:

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