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Some Reasons Why We Left

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Revised June 14, 2011

Some Reasons Why We Left…

Dishonest accounts of doctrine or history; avoidance or lying to all questions
Lack of understanding of the deity of Jesus and the complete effectiveness of his sacrificial atonement
Lack of understanding the deity and work of the Holy Spirit
Unscriptural use of women as teachers in the church
Incompetent advice and counsel

Indifference of workers towards members
Indifference of head worker and members to the needs of subordinate workers
Inappropriate remarks during funeral messages or at funerals
Unscriptural withholding of baptism
Unscriptural withholding of the emblems

Unscriptural reasons given to keep people from giving testimonies in meeting
Sunday morning meetings not open to the public; secret meeting places, hidden addresses of workers and members
Inaccurate teaching regarding prayer
Absence of God-centered worship
Absence of spiritual bread in workers’ messages

Inaccurate, allegorical and twisted use of scripture
Absence of good fruit among workers or people
Exclusivism – Living Witness Doctrine- salvation only through the workers
Lack of unity among friends and workers, yet refusal to admit this lack of unity
Lack of joy, warm friendships or trust

Refusal to give a written statement of faith
Refusal to examine or teach scriptural doctrines and a denial of them
Presence of immorality among workers, elders and professing people
Presence of judgment and scorn for outsiders and for members as well
Secrecy regarding money

Secrecy regarding decisions and lack of protection against bad decisions
Abuse of power among workers
No practice of repentance
No understanding of the gospel
Excommunication without any scriptural grounds

Misplaced emphasis on human appearance
Gnosticism separates spiritual life from natural life – Doctrine of Nicolaitains
Inconsistency in building for conventions and owning property, while condemning others for buildings and property
Refusal to admit the organizational structure within the group
Refusal to admit the names of the group

Refusal of the headworkers to share their money or use their money for the needs of all the workers
Requirement of conformity as an issue of unity
Members have little to no understanding of scripture or the workers’ beliefs
No scriptural education for worker, children or members
No warning about sin, no teaching about how to find true salvation through faith in Jesus

Idolization of workers, the system and methodology
Moving workers from one field to another to hide sexual immorality
New Age viewpoints among workers and members
Involvement in the occult among some members, visiting mediums, reading horoscopes, etc.
Lack of charitable activities towards outsiders or insiders

Lack of teaching on finances or the importance of honesty in business matters for members
Ignoring the needs of ex-workers. Workers who leave the work have money taken from them.
Mind control techniques emasculates men, defeminizes women and is harmful to children.
Unscriptural requirement for workers to be unmarried puts everyone at risk for sexual deviancy and immorality
Workers use fear and guilt to keep people from examining their behavior and doctrines

Headworkers disfellowship workers and members to enforce conformity
Headworkers disfellowship anyone who questions or disagree with their decisions, yet everyone quietly disagrees
Misplaced emphasis on submission, sacrifice and suffering
Worker imposed emotional and mental alienation from society in order to be “sanctified and set apart”

Some Factors which Served to Destroy our Confidence

Inadequate dealing with Questions
Examples of fallacious reasoning
Lack of Unity
Presence of Immorality

Requirement of Celibacy
Abuse of Authority by Workers
Abuse of Power by Workers
Lack of Joy

Organizational Structure
Conformity Required
Lack of Love
Lack of Charitable Works

Lack of Converts
Presence of Judgment and Scorn
Secrecy regarding Money
Presence of Church Buildings

Presence of EXTREME Legalism
Incompetent advice
Idolization of the Workers
Idolization of the System

Withholding Baptism and the Emblems
Lack of knowledge regarding of Holy Spirit and His work
Misplaced Emphasis on Works
Doctrinal Ambiguity

Required to be hypocrites
Misplaced Emphasis on Sacrifice/suffering
Presence of Women Preachers
Presence of Antifeminism

Lack of Teaching for adults and especially for children
Lack of preaching/teaching emphasis on nature of sin
Lack of Accurate Teaching Regarding Prayer/Natural things
Lack of Spiritual Food

Indifference to Errors
Obedience is Mandatory--Not a free choice