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Why We Left...What 2x2s Say & Ex-2x2s Say

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Revised June 14, 2011

What 2x2s Say about Why We Left...
What the Exes Say about Why We Left

What 2x2s Say about Why We Left...

The following excerpts were said about, or directly to, people who have departed the 2x2 church.

They were offended
They believed that history stuff
They are apostates
They were unwilling
They were rebellious

They loved the world
They got mixed up with the internet lies
They never got the revelation
They didn’t have a good understanding (parable of seed which sprang up and withered in the sun)
They didn't get it

They never got it
They married outside
They wanted to remarry after divorce
They had differences in doctrine
They were too religious

They wanted to their their own way
They got caught up with the world
They know this way is right
We are praying that your eyes will be opened.
They wanted to start their own church.

They wanted to do their own thing.
They'll be back when they find out that there is nothing better.
"They went out from us because they were not of us" (quoting 1 John 2:19).
They didn't love the truth.
They got puffed up.

They know this Way is right, but...
They didn't have the right Spirit.
They found it was just too hard.
They lost their way.
They nibbled the cheese.

They loved the world more than the Lord.
They lost heart.
They let education go to their head.
They never learned to submit
Their love waxed cold

They fell away
They lost out
They lost their vision
They took their eyes off the Lord
"These things" took him/her away

X took them out of the Lord's favor
Their heart was hardened
They've been reading the lies on the internet
They got bitter
They were too weak

They were too headstrong
They were taken in by false religion
But they know this is right
They are unGodly people
They left what they know is God's only Truth and Way
They turned aside.

What the Ex2x2s say about Why we Left:

The following excerpts are from various people who have departed the 2x2 church:

Lies masqueraded as "Truth" played a big part.
Being lied to about what is believed and is expected to be supported.
Being lied to about the origins of the workers and meetings.
Because of the coverups and the silence about William Irvine and the beginnings.
Finding out there was no unbroken line "from the shores of Galilee".

Not being allowed to question or challenge doctrine.
Being expected to quietly submit to teachings that are seriously in error.
Obedience is mandatory--Not a free choice
Inadequate dealing with questions
Examples of fallacious reasoning

Lack of teaching for adults and especially for children
Lack of preaching/teaching emphasis on nature of sin
Lack of accurate teaching regarding prayer/natural things
Not being taught the truth about Jesus in meetings.
Because there were just too many false and wrong interpretations of the scripture.

Finally figured out that Jesus was 'the Way', not our little group.
Realizing the doctrine that all others were going to hell was no longer credible.
Withholding baptism and the emblems
Because it limited my relationship with God.
Because of the conditions put on unconditional love.

Lies spread about me.
Getting fed up with being dismissively put down.
Watching our son be kicked out of the group for asking questions.
Couldn't stand the abuse of my children and I any longer.
Not being allowed to object to lies being told about one's self or one's family.

Being told that one is no longer to participate.
Being told that one is not saved (and similar words to that effect) and must submit and re-profess before being reviewed before taking part again.
Lack of unity
Conformity required without scriptural basis

Abuse of authority by workers
Abuse of power by workers
Highly organized while claiming not to be an Organization.
Required to be hypocrites

No accountability. No transparency. No real leadership.
Lack of love
Lack of charitable works
Lack of converts
Presence of judgment and scorn
Secrecy regarding money

Presence of church buildings
Presence of EXTREME legalism
Incompetent advice
Idolization of the workers
Idolization of the "way" 

Lack of knowledge regarding of Holy Spirit and His work
Misplaced emphasis on works
Doctrinal ambiguity
Misplaced emphasis on sacrifice/suffering
Presence of women preachers

Lack of spiritual food
Indifference to errors
Lack of joy
Seeing all the unhappy people while hearing how wonderful "the truth" and "the way" were.
Presence of immorality
Workers committing sex offenses being moved to other fields by overseers who knew about it.
Requirement of celibacy
Not allowing workers to marry (doctrine of demons)